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By Bliss Events Chicago By Bliss Events Chicago | February 1, 2022

Bliss Events is a an award-winning full-service event design, planning and floral production team who travel all around the world for their distinguished clientele. They specialize in the art of entertaining by producing Classic Timeless Designs like no other by thinking outside the box and reimagining spaces and experiences.They take a small amount of weddings each year so every last detail can be thoughtfully planned with exceptional service, intention and care.

The are also experts in event design, floral production, logistics of tented private estates, sourcing unique venues, building events from the ground up and composing every last detail - from hand-painted monograms that ties through to dance floor and program, to custom patterns of table linen. The Bliss Events team are visionaries, designers, producers, project managers, artisans, stylists and above all else… magic makers. Bliss Events has been named as one of the Best Planners in 2020, Top 50 event planning firms in the United States, and have been featured as the Best Planner in Chicago and as one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in the world.


What sets Bliss apart? What is your specialty?

We specialize in elevating the guest experience. Our goal is authenticity and “down to earth” warmth by reflecting a residential approach to our styling and design. We only accept a small handful of full-service clients each year and are constantly driven to work “outside the box” by collaborating with our clients to tell their unique stories as a couple - you will never see two events of ours to look the same. We aren’t just coordinators who organize the details on paper...we design, plan and produce every last detail in-house including all the floral beginning to end making sure everything is cohesive - this allows for unmatched quality control and ensures our clients vision to stay cohesive and executed flawlessly. We shy away from trends and keep to classic, timeless refined designs that spark joy and connectivity.

Why is it crucial to hire a wedding planner, especially in these times?

An experienced planner is trained to handle crisis management responsibly, calmly and efficiently - this is what we do day in and day out. We have an innate ability to pivot on a moments notice so you don’t have to. We have a plan A, B, C, D and E in our back pockets at all times. We know who works the smartest, has the best quality of product, and who is reliable and consistent. We have vetted thousands of vendors over the years to know who works best for each clients needs.


What is the most important role a planner plays, or the biggest value they bring to the event?

There are so many roles planners play. Everyone is different. Some are great at logistics and organization. Some have a lot of experience in the event industry and are great thinking on their feet if something happens last minute. Some are great at being a “best friend” during the planning process. Some provide different packages of services. Some provide only full-service design, planning and floral production.

We think all the above are important, but ultimately we are here to create your legacy moment you will cherish forever and share the rest of your lives to your families, friends, kids and grandkids for years to come.

We find value in taking time to dig in to fully understand our clients story as a couple and vision. We value wedding investment transparency and spending money only on thoughtful choices. We value the years we have spent on vendor relationships and knowing who is a good fit for what client. We value design, creativity, art and inspiration. We value personal connection and collaborative working relationships with our clients - it is just as important the fit is right on our end as our clients end. We hope our clients find value in the same.


In what lasting ways have weddings changed since the pandemic? (i.e. Any trends that came out of it you think are here to stay?)

We see couples having a deeper appreciation on how to celebrate their family and friends with their planning choices and in elevated guest experiences.. We also see a huge trend in “at-home” tented weddings. These always feel incredibly personal as we can design every last detail from the ground up. We will continue to see masks and sanitizing stations.

Is there anything specific couples should look for in a planner or ask of their planner in a post-Covid world?

Look for years of experience - it makes all the difference in this business. Next look at number of weddings they take each year, style, values and investment.


What is one of the most unique, unexpected or favorite personalized elements you’ve incorporated or seen incorporated into a wedding recently?

We love incorporating unique and unexpected entertainment activations - could be a custom written song about the client, a surprise 24 piece gospel choir during the ceremony or dessert “floated” into the room by choreographed dancers.

What is your top tip to brides and grooms during the wedding-planning process?

Trust your planner on all decisions and let them guide you. Be patient. Trust their process. Please do not think you have to book vendors before you meet with your full-service planner. One of the biggest mistakes we see are clients who book all/any of their wedding vendors the second they get engaged before they know really what they want or need.

A great experienced planner will get to know you, understand your priorities, and be able to visualize the big picture for you. They will guide you in all. Choices which should be mindful, thoughtful and reflect you and your story as a couple.

Be present on your day. Let your hair down and soak in every personal connection and exceptional detail. What ever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff!


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