Yanni Design Studio Big Wedding Style

By Yanni Design Studio By Yanni Design Studio | June 30, 2022


Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

Coming from East Europe where I have studied art and different cultural traditions, I have always dreamed of designing celebrations for different communities. My incredible diverse clients and staff allow me to stand out and become a true expert in ethnically weddings. YDS is the top luxury multicultural event design and experience influencer in Chicagoland.

How did you handle the pandemic? Did your business model change?

Pandemic was a complete shock that no one was prepared for. We closed on our new 60,000 SQ FT building for YDS headquarters on March 6, 2020, one week before the World pandemic began. We were so looking forward to a fantastic season with a plan to tremendously expand our business. The challenge to survive physically and emotionally was almost unbearable. We had to put all our effort and positive outlook in construction and design of our sensational showroom and a new event space. We got it done! We believed the pandemic made us stronger, more endurable and creative as professionals.

What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Step up your flower game and get in touch with your creative side and become your own flower art designer. We are here at YDS to bring your dream to a reality.

Who inspires you?

My incredible intuitive clients are my biggest fans and most wonderful inspiration. Our modern world filled with social media everyday stimulation and education created an amazing background for my clients vision. My brides are most educated and artistic consumers who challenge me to create unique designs every day.

What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

2022! Go Big! Celebrate everything! Next year is going to be the record high number of events since 1985! We will have events with more modern vibe than ever! We will use space differently with multifunctional furniture lounges, bar areas, photo booths, food stations, place card walls and etc. We excited to create more incredible decor settings for outdoor events with Earthy Tones • Dark and Lovely • Hanging and Tall Decor • Tents and Twinkle …and stunning isles for nature settings.

What would you like to be the new trend for weddings?

We hope colors are going to become more vibrant affected by the esthetic of the texture and mixing of earth tones and a pop of color. Our dream not to see a traditional pale floral arrangements. We wish the spotlight on extravagant floral art installations. Imagine yourself standing in a flower field instead of holding a flower bouquet. Bring a floral experience to your next event with these life-size structures and over-the-top designs.

What big news do you want to share?

Our incredible showroom is open for clients to tour. Canvas is our new event space is completed as well. We are actively booking events for 2022 and 2023. Our hard work during pandemic is finally paid off.

How far in advance should couples book your business?

We recommend our clients to move on with inspirational ideas as soon as possible. This allow them to gain an opportunity for multiple design sections with our creative team, visiting our real weddings in the same place as their reception will take place. Together with out team , the client will envision and create the best dream wedding where every little details was thought thru.

What three words describe your business best?

Respect, creativity and diligence.

What do you think is essential for any wedding?

Happy Bride and happy Groom. Couples joy and positive energy creates a true celebration and the most essential element for every wedding.


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